Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Is Actually one Mommy Now

Julia and Robert.

Picture: Fred Duval/Getty Images

33-year-old Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, child of Carine, affirmed in an interview
making use of


these days
that she and Robert Konjic, the
hunky pops
of the woman 1-year-old child Romy, are not any much longer with each other.

“we are nevertheless on good terms and Romy sees him always,” she says. “its nice when he’s in town and will grab her in the morning —  I believe less guilt. I favor that she actually is with family than with a nanny but i am a single mama,” she shrugs, “and quite often I wanted a hand.”

The former pair outdated for quite some time before Romy arrived, and apparently kept their breakup key for a few months. But Julia seems rather on it, and it is much more thrilled to speak about the woman
6-month-old lesbian sugar mommy website
, Romy as well as the Bunnies, which is designed to represent a hotter side of pregnancy and motherhood. She intends to begin offering brand name product eventually, including blankets, swaddles, scent, and “hot pregnancy and breastfeeding bras.” Really, absolutely


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